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Disclaimer: This DVD is actual film footage of Ann Baker. Those of us that knew her, felt that she was an "weird cat lady" who often made claims that defied common logic. The words of Ann Baker are what she truly believed.  She could offer different versions of the same information on different days. Therefore, the purpose of this video is for you entertainment, and to show you the person who started the wonderful breed of cat called Ragdolls.  Although she could be difficult to deal with at times, we cannot deny she deserves the credit for giving us the sweetest breed of cat around, the Ragdoll.

Ann Baker was the somewhat eccentric woman who developed the Ragdoll breed of cat. She began working on developing the Ragdoll breed of cat in the early 60's.  Although her name is well known, not many people have actually seen or worked with her.  Ragnarok Cattery's owners, Dave & Georgann Chambers, worked with Ann Baker at her cattery from November 1977 until March 1979.  We know how she looked and sounded, but we were one of very few breeders who actually worked person to person with her.  During this time frame we acquired 36 breeding Ragdolls from Ann's cattery that were the foundation of our cattery.  Ann lived about 20 miles from our home, and we went to her cattery several times per month.  Ann Baker routinely charged a fee for a tour of her cattery, and this DVD video is an example of  her lecture part of the tour.  We recently located a VHS tape of Ann Baker that had been around our home for years.  It depicts her giving a talk to a group of people, and the tape was made around July, 1993, a few years before Ann Baker's death in January, 1997.  Below three frames from this video:

Ann Baker at her desk.

Ann Baker giving a lecture.

Ann Baker holding a Ragdoll cat by her cattery.


    We have just had a professional video service convert this VHS tape to a DVD format.  I personally would like to thank Nick Best, , for his expertise in making this DVD.  The DVD runs about 45 minutes. This DVD disc should automatically play on any DVD player or computer that supports DVD -R (minus R) discs. This disc is compatible with Microsoft Media Player.  This DVD is one of two video depictions of Ann Baker, and the previous one was a VHS version made in 1995 with limited distribution, and all of these copies were sold. Now you can actually hear Ann Baker speak about her theories on several topics including:


Actual photos of the DVD and it's case: the center cat (named HOHO) and the cat on the right (named Mrs. Wiggins were cats that came from Ann Baker. The cat on the left, Ragnarok's Nori was produced from two of the 36 breeding Ragdolls we purchased from Ann Baker.

This DVD is about a little over 45 minutes in length.  It is split into 5 minute chapters, so you can skip to a portion of the video you with to hear or view again.  It is in NTSC DVD,-R format, and is designed to play as soon as you place it into your DVD player.   This DVD can be yours for $30, plus $5 for postage and handling within the continental US. Outside of the continental US, please add an additional $5 for shipment for each DVD ordered. CA residents pleaseadd 7.75% State sales tax.   Price reduction: price reduced to $25 for each DVD plus normal shipping charge.  Shipment will be by United States Postal Service.  Credit cards, PayPal--see note in blue below (send  to, money orders, or certified bank checks accepted, no personal checks please.  Credit card purchases require an email or fax stating that you are authorizing me to use your credit card for purchase and shipment fee. My computer has multiple firewalls, so your credit card data is safe. Or you may choose to send partial credit card information in one email, and the balance in a second email, as an extra precaution.   Or you may send your letter of authorization, money order or certified check (payable to Dave Chambers) to Ann Baker DVD, 5510 Ptolemy Way, Mira Loma, CA 91752, USA.  Now you can actually hear Ann Baker for yourself and make your own conclusions.  Whether you are a breeder, or just someone interested in the Ragdoll cat breed, this DVD will acquaint you with the lady who brought us the adorable Ragdoll breed of cat. 

Wholesale pricing for breeders:

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20 or more for $20 each, flat rate shipping.

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100 copies for $10 each, plus shipping.

I need proof that you are a registered Ragdoll breeder for these prices.  These are cash prices, certified check, money order, Western Union.  Paypal has a 4.1% surcharge, credit cards require a 5% surcharge to pay for processing fees.   Call me at 951-685-3252 if you have questions.

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