Cattery Management Book.

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Special Offer: for $10 more, $97.95 (plus $12 shipping in US), you'll receive the Ann Baker DVD with your Cattery Management Book.

Purchase of a breeding pair of Ragdoll cats, and you can get  a copy of the Cattery Managment Book and the Ann Baker DVD FREE, just pay $12 shipping within the US.

This is a book on cattery management. It is 290 pages in length, covering cat breeding, raising kittens, health issues, and will include many tips on  running a cattery that we've learned over the past 30 years. There are very few sources on the topic of cattery management, and I had to learn many things about running a cattery "the hard way". Why waste your time and money on cat-related items that fail to perform properly?  Before you invest your time and hard-earned money starting a cattery, I recommend you read this book. It offers information will let you know what is involved in breeding cats, and may save you thousands of dollars.  This information is designed for the new cat breeder, but established catteries are bound to find useful tips also. The book is printed in 12 point Microsoft Sans Serif type (same as on this page), justified both sides, and has page margins set for maximum content per page.  This book has minor updates as newer or clearer information on a specific topic is discovered.  This means that all information is a current as possible.  Some topics will be:


The left photo shows my 3 tier cages, and the right photo shows my PVC stud cages, with removable shelving, scratching posts, etc. Multiple photos and full explanation of assembly of the cages will be in the book.

Photo of queen cages occupied.  Note birthing box in top cage.

Click HERE to read some responses on the book.  A FREE copy will be given to anyone who purchases a breeding pair of cats from Ragnarok Cattery.   I've been working on the book during the past 6 months, a few hours each week.  So far, the book contains a total of 289 pages, multiple drawings, and 265 color photos, which will printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  The stud condo plans or the queen cage plans are included in the Cattery Managment Book, but these plans may also be purchased as separate books .   Pricing on books listed below.   Cattery Management Book will also include copies of cattery receipt templates, ophthalmic and antibiotic mixing formulas, BBB forms, litter tracking spread sheets, microchip data sheets, Internet resources, etc. The Book will be bound in a D ring binder with pockets, allowing you to save additional cat information in the same notebook.

PayPal, credit cards, or money orders will be required for payment.  If a personal check is sent, shipment will be delayed pending the bank clearing the check.  Email credit card or PayPal details to or send personal checks, certified checks, or Postal Money Orders to: Dave Chambers--Book Order, 5510 Ptolemy Way, Mira Loma, CA 91752. PayPal payments need to add 4.1% to purchase price of book, but not shipping cost.

All of the books will be in MS Sans Serif Justified type and the size will be 12 pt (same as the text on this page).  This text may look slightly larger or smaller on your computer screen than in the actual book.

Cattery Management Book is   290 pages in length, includes valuable material for the new or established cat breeder, or anybody who may be contemplating getting involved with cat breeding. Also included are the Stud Condo Plans and the Queen Cage Plans.  The book is housed in a 1 1/2" D Ring Binder, with pockets inside the front and back cover. Price is $87.95 plus $12 for USPS Priority shipping (total $99.95) for arrival in US in 2 or 3 days.  Price of paper, binder, color printing cartridges, and postage has increased over the past few months--thus the minor price increase.   Please email me about shipment costs on International orders, as costs varies with some countries. Examples: US Post Office Flat Box Priority rates for most foreign countries is $37, and  Priority shipping to Canada or Mexico is $23.  Book and Priority shipping box weighs 5 pounds.  Black and white photo version of this book, in same Binder, $49.95, plus $12 Priority shipping in the US. OR, have the stud condo plans and queen cage plans in color, and the remaining portions in black and white for $59.95, plus $12 Priority Shipping.  PayPal orders need to add 4.1% to purchase price of book, but not shipping costs.


            Book Cover                                                                Pages lay flat in D Ring Notebook.

Photo showing amount of material in book

Queen Cage Construction:


Stud  Condo Plans:

53 pages containing 90 color photos. Only $40 postpaid in the US, $43 outside of US. Please visit  About Our Ragnarok Cattery -Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens for some photos of these stud condos.  Step by step instructions, lots of color photos, materials needed, sources of materials, etc. 3 ring notebook holes punched into sheets and held together with  binder clips for shipping.



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