Cattery Management Book Testimonials

Received 10-15-07:

"Hi Dave, just wanted to let you know I am enjoying your book - wish I would have had it when I first started breeding."

Roxanne Cranz-Coble, Persian Cat breeder, Ramona, CA

Received 11-3-07

"I read through your book for the last couple of days - there is some really good information in there. I'm going to give it to my husband so he can read through it as well.  Yes, I noticed that it was for all breeds...I'll be recommending it to people who want to buy breeder cats from me.  I wish I would have had it when I started, it would have saved me time and money."

Debbie Cokl, Ragdoll Cat breeder, Hoschton, GA

Received 11-7-07

Hi Dave, 
"In regards to your book yes it was helpful and informative.  Some things obviously don't apply here in Australia but overall it was very good.  It also reassured me that many of my own ways were in actual fact the way you had recommended so therefore it was of encouragement."
Kind Regards
Shirley Goodman, Ragdoll Cat breeder, Kyogle, NSW, Australia