Ragdolls are now in China


Ragnarok Cattery is proud to announce that on April 28, 2005, the first pair of Ragdoll breeding cats was imported into China.  The two cats were Ragnarok's Maggy, a sealpoint bicolor and  Divadolls Sir Winston of Ragnarok, a bluepoint bicolor. The cats arrived at Beijing Airport in China on April 29, 2005.


      Ragnarok's Maggy is shown above in my nursery.                                            Divadolls Sir Winston of Ragnarok in my cattery.

The new proud owners are Haitao Hu, his wife Angel Leng, and their young daughter Joy Hu. Dated photos of them is shown below:


Their daughter helps with the cats too.                

Below are additional photos of the cats in the new home in China:

New cat tree for Maggy & Winston.

Maggy checking out new turtle friends.


Maggie and Winston on day of arrival


Winston hanging out in his new home in China


Maggy is pregnant, shown here 2 days before delivery.                                                       Maggy with her new kittens, born 7-3-05, 4 boys and 3 girls.

New photos of litter born 7/10/05:

 They also raise Chinchilla Persians, in Silver and Gold colors.

Due to our decision to reduce our cattery size, I can offer adult cats for sale at this time.  Please write me with your requests, as these adults are being sold as soon as possible.


Ragnarok Cattery is proud that there are now Ragdoll breeding cats in China. If you are living in China, and can write in the English language, I would be happy to discuss Ragdoll cats with you by email, or by instant messenger services. My email address and Instant Messenger names are listed on the home page of this web site.


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