Hybrid Pet Dryer System


The left photo above shows the standard Pet Dryer Enclosure on top, and the Hybrid Pet Dryer Enclosure on the bottom. The right photo shows the standard Pet Dryer grate on the left, and the right is the larger grate from the Hybrid model.  It uses the same motor, but the enclosure is larger. This is designed for the larger cats. If you feel your cats may be too big for the standard Pet Dryer, then you have the option of the Hybrid Pet Dryer. Cost is $589.95.  Increased cost is due to increased cost of larger kennel, increased cost of larger floor grate, more PVC required in assembly process, and increased cost of packaging. This model is ONLY available to the US. Call or write to get a shipping quote. The shipping box is TOO large for the US post office, so it has to be shipped by UPS or Fedex.  UPS or Fedex fees for this unit are very expensive for international shipment.  Last unit I shipped to Australia cost over $460 for shipping.  Exact styling of kennel may vary slightly, but the larger floor grate fits these kennels.