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5510 Ptolemy Way, Mira Loma, CA 91752

Ragdolls come in (left to right) colorpoint, bicolor or mitted patterns. This is a 1979 photo of Ragdolls we got from Ann Baker.

Larry, seal mitted male

Alvin, our new Havanese puppy

Paperboy, seal colorpoint male

Lucy, seal bicolor female breeder

Clifford, seal mink bicolor male, 14 mo. here


Our cats are very relaxed

Located in southern CA.

Shipment available.

  • Regular prices reduced. Save $$$, see kitten link.
  • We're retiring.  Reduced pricing on breeder adolescents/proven breeders. Call Dave at 951-685-3252 for pricing.
  • Welcome to Ragnarok Cattery.  We have been raising lovable, large and friendly RAGDOLL CATS and RAGDOLL KITTENS at our RAGDOLL cattery since 1977.  Our RAGDOLL cattery is the oldest RAGDOLL cattery still open for business. As a RAGDOLL breeder, we are very proud of this fact.
  • Authentic Ragdoll lines.  We have been breeding in Southern California, original home of the Ragdolls, for over 35 years, making us the longest establish Ragdoll cat breeder. We purchased 36 cats from Ann Baker (originator of the Ragdoll breed) to start our cattery in 1977-1978 to obtain the best Ragdoll breeding stock available.
  •  Both FELV and FIV negative.
  • Colorpoint, mitted and bicolor patterns in seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. Also available on a very limited basis are flamepoints, creampoints, torties, lynxpoints, and minks.
  • We sell Ragdoll pet kittens, Ragdoll show kittens, and Ragdoll breeders.
  • We offer shipment of our Ragdoll cats or Ragdoll kittens to any US destination, as well as International destinations.
  • Our Ragdolls have no out crossing to any other breed.
  • Please enjoy the Ragdoll photos and the Ragdoll Cat information included on our site.
  • Please feel free to contact Dave or Georgann Chambers to answer your questions about Ragdolls at 951-685-3252.
  • We are located in Mira Loma in southern California and offer world wide shipment of kittens.
  • Stud service available to select queens.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards accepted
  • PayPal accepted
  • Convenient to Southern California
    951 685-3252 (voice)
    951 685-7896 (fax)
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Original Ragdolls since 1977



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