Want to make your own Pet Dryer System?


Follow the steps listed below:


1.    Purchase a Mini Dryer from www.hurryK9.com at a cost of $300, plus add $12 for shipping for a total of $312. 

2.    Purchase a  #100 Vari Kennel from a pet shop for around $45. Not all pet shops carry this higher priced kennel. 

3.    Purchase the metal grate that fits into the #100 Vari Kennel. Doskocil does not make this grate anymore, so it is difficult to locate. Expect to pay about $15-$20, if you can find one. 

4.    Go to your local hardware store to purchase the PVC pipe, fittings and glue for about $25. 

5.    Measure and  cut the 12 pieces of PVC pipe, glue the fittings together, and assemble.  Drill 120+ holes through the pipe in the appropriate places.  This requires a lot of manual labor, or the expense of purchasing power tools to do the cutting and drilling. Tools require a table saw, measuring tape, grinder, drill press, and rubber mallet.


The above steps require approximately $402 to purchase the parts, plus the time for trial and error assembly. Why not spend about $88 more and get a Pet Dryer System completely assembled?? Cost of the Pet Dryer System is $489.99 plus $45 for shipping and insurance in US, $55 to Canada, write for international shipment prices..


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