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When we began working with Ann Baker in 1977, she had a wide assortment of Ragdolls at her cattery.  These included what is now called the MINK coloration.  Mink Ragdolls come in the traditional pointed colors, but appear richer in appearance. There is very minimal contrast between the point colors and the warmer areas of the body. The eye color of the mink Ragdoll is normally aqua, which is a greenish-blue. A few minks will have the normal blue eye color.  When mink kittens are born, they are not born white like the traditional pointed Ragdolls. The minks are born with color at birth, and it darkens some with age. We had a female in the late 70's who produced these mink colored cats with the aqua eye color, but really were not sure what it was called.  When people see a mink they are immediately taken by the richness of the coat coloration. We had a mink here for several years, but only saved one neutered male.  When we were asked to baby sit another breeders cattery population while they moved in 1998, we found the mink Ragdolls again.  Here is the very first mink that was registered in the Ragdoll stud book registry in Tica and owned by Ragnarok Cattery. I weighed 350 in this photo, and currently weigh 225 after my Bariatric surgery, as described on my surgery link on the homepage.


This is part of an article from the July 7, 1977 issue of the Star on Victoria Principal. She is holding a seal mink Ragdoll male she purchased from us a couple of weeks earlier.  We had been breeding for 10 years at this time and had not realized we had mink heritage already in our cattery from Ann Baker's cattery.   We had seen a couple of other similar colored cats, but we thought they were just darker than normal.  The first cat we acquired as a papered Ragdoll was Phurry, photos below.

This is Kats Kradle Phurry of Ragnarok. she is a seal mink mitted Ragdoll female.  The person hold the cat is me, Dave. This photo was taken in 1998, when Phurry became part of our cattery. Note the aqua eye color and the minimal point contrast.  She provided us with some nice mink kittens over the years. 

To easily show the difference between the mink and the standard pointed Ragdolls, please examine the four photos below. These are two littermates, the one on the left is a seal mink colorpoint male, and the one on the right is a seal colorpoint female. Since these are litter mates, they are the same age. But note the rich difference in coat color and the eye color between them.


Comparison of bluepoint and blue mink below.  Mink is on the left and pointed on right. Mink has aqua eyes also.  The blue bicolor on the right is 5 years of age yet the mink kitten on the left is only 8 weeks old in the photo.


Most minks will have aqua eye color, as depicted in this photo. About 90-95% of minks will have this eye color, and 5-10% will be blue eyed.  Many clients find the mink colored cat with the aqua eye color to be very attractive and are often sold before the standard pointed kittens.

Here are a couple of photos of Blink, a new blue mitted mink male. He is marked perfectly. Left photo taken in his stud cage on 8-25-06, when he was 10 months old.

He has nice aqua eye color, nice mittens, and very nice matched boots, white chin.  The right photo was taken in my nursery in natural light when he was 4 months of age.  He has sired litters that were born in early, 2007, which include some very nicely marked mink kittens.

Here is lilac mink bicolor female out of Spike of Ragnarok x Dallasrags Lilac Lilly, dob 11-1-05, photo 2-13-06.  Her name is Lilly.

Here is a photo of a seal mink mitted male from the early 80's. It came out of cats we purchased from Ann Baker.

Please note the aqua eye color and the intense color of this kitten that was about 10 weeks old in this photo.  He is sitting in an old Lazy Boy chair I had at the time. This is one old photo I've located of an early mink kitten.


  The photos above show Ragnarok's Phurrygirl, a seal mink bicolor, who is also the daughter of Kat's Kradle Phurry of Ragnarok.  Again note the richness of the colored areas on her and the aqua eye color.

Below left is a photo of Phurrygirl x Ragnarok's Mister Big, born on Father's Day, 2005. Photo is less than 12 hours old. Note the difference between the mink kittens and the standard pointed. The pointed kitten is in the upper left, blurred some because he's moving. There is a mink bicolor on the right, and a mink mitted on the bottom.  These appear to be chocolate minks at this young age.  Kitten on right is a male, named Ragnarok's Hershey Barr, retained for breeding. Photo on right is Hershey Barr at 14 months of age, and he has blue eyes, but his kittens have definite mink coloration at birth. Hershey may look mismarked, but his kittens do not carry his facial pattern at all.


On 8-10-06, Ragnarok's Hershey Barr and Ragnarok's Lisa Simpson gave birth to a litter of 4 minks. Some of these will be sold as breeders. This litter has 2 colorpoints, and two with white. Photo on right is a close up of one of the mink colorpoints. The two colorpoints are the right two kittens in the photo on the left.


On 8-22-06, Ragarok's Merry (lilac lynx mitted) x Ragnarok's Hersey Barr gave birth to a litter of 4:

Left to right: seal bicolor, seal mitted, seal mitted and pointed. One of the minks may be a mink lynxpoint, as the mother is a lynxpoint, but we will have to wait a few more days to tell.

This is Ragnarok's Beau W 'Oo of Gemsdolls as a kitten on the left and as an adult on the right. He is a blue mink bicolor and is a son of Ragnarok's Phurrygirl.

This is Ragnarok's Mink 'O Xin of Gemsdolls, a blue mink bicolor female, a sister to Beau  (shown abovc) and also a daughter of Ragnarok's Phurry girl.



The cat on the left is Kats Kradle Linnea of Gemsdolls, a seal sepia. When two mink cats are bred together, a richer color, called a sepia, is produced.  Sepia colored Ragdolls normally have gold or green eye colors, but the shown above is blue eyed.  The cat on the right is Gemsdolls Caety Cathlyn, a DNA tested sepia Ragdoll.  This one has the normal aqua colored eye.

One the left below are two photos that Ann Baker sent to Rovena Parmley of Tuftytoes Cattery in the early 80's. The left photo shows two young seal sepia kittens.  Sepia color can be generated by breeding two mink cats together. The photo on the right shows a blue sepia kitten, the one with it's head on top of the black kitten in the center of the photo.


Here are two more photos Ann Baker sent to Rovena. The photos on the left depict sepia bicolor kittens, and the photo on the right is a mink colorpoint kitten.  These photos are again from the early 80's.


We are currently looking for additional mink Ragdolls. If you have one available, please contact me. I can either trade a kitten or adult for your mink, or purchase it. Please provide photos and pedigrees.

Be sure to check and see when we may have mink kittens available.

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