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    Being a cat breeder since 1977, we know that cats and kittens do need to be bathed occasionally. We have tried many pet dryers over the years, all of which failed to thoroughly dry the cat or kitten. Many of these had heating elements that created too much heat. Some had poor air flow that took over 2 hours to dry an adult Ragdoll Cat. Some dryers attached to the drying cage door so that you could not see how the animal was drying, and you had to remove the dryer from the door to remove the cat.  Some sat directly in front of the cage door, and made it difficult to see the cat.  But worst of all, these pet dryers I used failed to dry the cat completely.  I finally decided to make my own dryer with the features that I knew would be needed to safely dry the cat or kitten.  And thus the Pet Dryer System was invented.  Click here for testimonials.

Yes, these Pet Dryer Systems are still for sale.

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FOR US CLIENTS ONLY: Hybrid Dryer--larger in size


Here is what you receive with your improved 2007 Pet Dryer System:

Even though the photo says 2007, the same dryer is still available for sale today.

  1. One Pet Dryer motor, with increased sound proofing for quieter operation.

  2. One Pet Dryer Enclosure, fully assembled, complete with floor grate.

  3. Air plenum tubes have been increased from 1" to 1 1/4", offering 36% improvement of air flow.  These improved air plenums are located in the center of the top and bottom of the kennel, and also go completely around the interior of the kennel top and bottom. This allows the air jets to dry the cat from virtually any angle within the drying enclosure.

  4. Hose is now 1 1/2" x 8 1/2' in size.  The increased diameter hose allows the motor to operate more efficiently. The hose is made of flexible PVC, and is wire reinforced for durability.

  5. The combination of the increased hose diameter, and the increased air plenum size allows for greater air flow, less motor noise, and results in quicker drying of your cat.

  6. One rubber air concentrator tool that attaches to hose allowing for spot drying, if needed.

    The Pet Dryer System is a pet carrier with tubular air distribution system, attached to a Hurrycanine forced air dryer, that is a very effective tool for the cat groomer, dog groomer or any pet groomer.  This dryer makes grooming any cat, dog or pet a far more enjoyable experience.  Gently warmed air is evenly distributed throughout the Vari Kennel to completely dry the animal. Three air ducts on the inside top of the carrier, and three air ducts below the elevated floor grill assure that the underside of the animal is fully dried. There are approximately 125 air jets that gently circulate the warmed air in 16 different directions inside the drying enclosure.  All of the Pet Dryer System can be contained inside the drying enclosure for ease of storage and portability.  See photo below

petdryer2.JPG (25302 bytes)   

Here is a photo of Ragnarok's Trusty being groomed at the August, 2002 Denver Ragdoll Congress. This "juvenile delinquent kitten" had to be groomed 3 times during this two day show, and I was sure glad I had the Pet Dryer System here. The photo shows the Pet Dryer System placed on a desk in our hotel room. This left photo also depicts the old style motor with the filter at the back of the motor.


  The motor case for 2007 is now 22 gage galvanized steel.  The 2006 aluminum case is no longer available. Pricing of aluminum, and manufacturing delays resulted in many backorders, causing delay in shipments. The filter mounted on top of the motor case, and the motor is even quieter than the previous model. This now allows the motor to be placed on end or flat with it's back completely against the wall without blocking off the air supply. The old style filter required the motor to be placed a few inches away from the wall for proper air intake. 

The closest other dryer to the design of the Pet Dryer System can be seen at: .  This particular dryer currently sells for over $1000-$1100. This dryer also weighs over 50 pounds and has no carrying handle, so it is difficult to move.  I tried this exact dryer around 1984 (sold under a different name, but the same exact patented design), and it was priced at $650 at that time. It has 2 squirrel-cage blowers that deliver very little air, and it took me 1 1/2 hours to dry one of my show cats at the time. This dryer also must be shipped by truck, and delivery time is 6-8 weeks at a cost of over $125 to California from NY.  My current Pet Dryer can do a better job of drying the same type of cat in about 30-35 minutes. AND the Pet Dryer System is priced 50% less. Delivered to your door within 2 weeks within the US.

Features of the Pet Dryer System:

Photo of air filter of 2007 Pet Dryer Motor.

Below is a photo of how my Pet Dryer System is used in our cattery in 2006. Compare hoses in this photo to top photo of this section to see difference between the old and the new 2007 hose, and the new air filter system.   An example of how well is works is :

The  Pet Dryer System is priced at $489.95.   Shipping, insurance, and handling is $50 to anywhere in the US.  Canadian shipments cannot be sent by surface shipment, and must be by Priority mail. Call or write for a shipping quote to your Canadian address. $85.20 was the cost to ship a unit on 12-2-09, including insurance.  European shipments will cost around $137 (shipping and insurance) in 2009--all packages over 4 pounds that will not fit into "flat rate boxes", must be sent Priority Mail with the USPS.  Any damage claim on shipment must be reported within 48 hours of arrival--I have to file a damage claim shortly after arrival, or the insurance will not cover the damage. UPS rates cost more than standard US package shipment but are far cheaper than either UPS or Fedex when sending Internationally.  UPS shipment fees are over $400 for the same shipment.  Call or write for shipping quotes to foreign countries, including Canada. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted on US and Canadian shipments. All International orders must be paid for by PayPal (adding the 4.1% processing fees), by Western Union, Moneygram, or by certified check on a US based bank.  Recent credit card processing fees have raised my cost to over 7% of the charged amount of any International credit card used.   CA residents please add 8 3/4 % CA state sales tax. For credit card usage: send email to , or ,or fax me at 951-685-7896 stating credit card type, number, expiration date.  Please include your complete mailing address with your order. OR you can complete the form by clicking HERE and faxing it to me.  Or you can make your check payable to Ragnarok Cattery and mail to Pet Dryer System, 5510 Ptolemy Way, Mira Loma, CA 91752.  OR you can now use PayPal for your purchase (please add 4.1% fees):

New for 2010

The Pet Dryer System is now available with a new lightweight housing.  The newer model motor housing weighs 9.7 pounds. The standard model (still available) weighs 15.3 pounds. Both motor housings offer the same highly durable motor that has been used for many years and the same exact commercial grade hose.  The newer lightweight model has an infinite air speed control and it has tabs on the back, so the dryer motor can be wall mounted. Newer motor housing is a medium blue housing with a black front, 110 volt only at this time. 220 volt motor will be available soon.  Both units are the same exact price. 

Newer motor still fits into Pet System Dryer Enclosure for portability.

Comparison photo showing similar size. New motor is about 3" shorter than standard motor.

Front of motor with noted features. Color is darker than depicted, camera flash lighted medium blue housing color.

Prices listed are the discounted prices for cash.  Other forms of payment at 5% higher in cost.  If you have questions, please call me at 951-685-3252.


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