Getting a Ragdoll kitten or Ragdoll breeder.

Visiting Ragnarok:

If you are available to come to our cattery, you are cordially invited to see our cats and kittens (by appointment only please). We ask that if you are planning on visiting more than one cattery on the same day, that you visit us first. No one that has been to another cattery on the same day will be allowed to see our kittens for health reasons.

You will BE up a tree with excitement with one of our Ragdolls.

jojotree.JPG (15595 bytes) 

This is Ragnarok's JOJO, a seal lynx mitted male, age 4 years. He is 19 pounds and decided he would help me trim the trees in our front yard recently.  He will gladly shake your paw if you visit our cattery.



Our kittens are released on an individual basis depending on how they are doing, their litter size, when they start to eat on their own, how well they learn to use their litter box and lastly how they react to their kitten shots. The earliest any kitten goes home is normally about 12 weeks. This is only if the kitten is completely ready to go and the environment where the kitten is going is a safe and secure one.  Occasionally we have an older kitten available due to someone changing their mind as to color, pattern, quality or sex. These kittens usually have a better defined temperament and still adjust very well to new environments. For a better understanding of the best age for kittens to go home, please click HERE and read the entire article.  It offers a subjective viewpoint on the proper age of when kittens should be placed.


Kitten will not be shipped until they are at least 12 weeks of age. They are bigger, stronger with a more developed immune system at this age. Every case of air shipping causes some form of shipping stress. Generally there are just a few days of adjustment, possibly a mild case of sniffles. All kittens that are shipped are health certified prior to being shipped.  We have a great deal of experience in shipping cats to many foreign countries. We have shipped to dozens of countries around the world. We've even shipped to China, see HERE.


Our kittens receive 2 kitten vaccines prior to going home. We use a 4 way vaccine. This vaccine is contains a modified live calicci and rhino, and a killed panleukopenia (cat fever) vaccines +chlamydia. The vaccines are given once at 8-12 weeks of age, and then again at 12-16 weeks of age.  If your Vet recommends the FIP or FeLV vaccinations we strongly encourage you to wait until the kitten is at least 6 months of age.  We routinely worm our kittens at 6-8 weeks of age.

    All kittens that require International shipment, do require a rabies vaccination. There is a cost of $15 for this vaccine, plus $45 for the veterinary office visit. A rabies certificate, dated 30 days prior to export, will be sent with each kitten exported. This will make it easier for customs officials in your country to process the imported kitten.


There are no refunds or exchanges on any kitten we sell.

 We do not feel that we can take a chance on bringing a kitten back that might have been exposed to something beyond our control. If you receive a kitten from us and an health problem develops, you must contact us regarding the problem. Remember, that a kitten does not have a mature immune system when it leaves our cattery, and may react to the germs that normally live in your home.  This means that a kitten going to a new home may have minor sneezing or eye discharge during the first few days. Please click HERE to read an article speaks to this issue. We cannot be responsible for veterinary costs for kittens once they leave our cattery. If a problem related to FIP should arise, we will only be liable for a kitten replacement up to 10 weeks past the purchase date in a single cat household, and for a period of 6 weeks in a multi cat household. An necropsy (at the owner's expense) from a veterinarian must be provided to get a replacement kitten. All related shipment charges are to be paid by the party getting the replacement kitten. Any kitten which dies due to genetic defect within 3 years after purchase will be replaced free of charge (except shipping, health certificate and handling fee). This will be done if your veterinarian attributes death to a genetic deformity in a brief autopsy and sends the findings of the necropsy to us. The necropsy shall be at the owners expense. 

    Any and all disputes concerning the purchase of your kitten are handled by the Better Business Bureau.  Click on the BBB link to fully understand any dispute procedure. 


This photo was taken in 1978.


Prices listed are discounted for cash.  Other forms of payment are 3 to 4% higher. Call me at 951-685-3252 if you have questions.

Pets: $700.00 and $900...depending on color and pattern

Pet kittens are beautiful , healthy and loving. They generally are just not marked as well. They might have a slight tail fault that is generally not visible and hardly able to be felt. Flamepoint, tortie, minks, and lynxpoint pets are usually $750.

Show: $850.00 and $1000..also depending on color and pattern

Show quality kittens are usually better marked or have features which make them more likely to do well in the show ring..
Flamepoint, tortie, minks, and lynxpoint show quality kittens are usually $1000.

Pet and Show kittens are sold without breeding rights and we require that they be spayed or neutered. If you buy a pet or show kitten from us and decide after you purchase it that you want to breed it you have the option of contacting us and paying the difference in cost so that your paperwork can be corrected. If you have any question in your mind as to whether you want to breed or not we suggest that you hold your litter registration until you have made up your mind. Once your kitten is registered as an alter the correction cannot be made. But your litter registration will not go bad while you are deciding. But please remember, once a kitten is sold and leaves our home, the purchase is completed, and is not refundable.

Show/Breeders: $1500.00 to $2,000.00

These are the kittens that are sold with breeding rights. Because we have the largest Ragdoll genetic pool we can generally provide the best possible match for your existing cats or provide an outstanding breeding pair combination in the shortest time. Breeding pairs are a male and a female genetically matched and selected to produce kittens with the qualities that you desire. Breeding pairs are $3000.00.  Additional kittens or cats bought at the same time can be purchased at a discounted price.  Also we what to let all prospective breeders know that we will be a source of information and guidance if wanted by any new breeder.  Before you decide whether to get involved in breeding cats, I strongly suggest you read my Cattery Management book. Click here to read about this book.  Sharing information about these special Ragdolls is something we greatly enjoy.   All of our breeding cats are guaranteed to breed.  In our entire breeding history, we have only had to replace one female due to infertility.  A non refundable deposit of $400 per breeder is required to hold the kitten of your choice until it is old enough to leave our cattery.


A non refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to reserve any kitten of your choice until it is old enough to leave the cattery. No kitten is reserved until we receive a deposit on it. A deposit is not refundable.   If you cancel the sale, we retain the deposit, as we have withdrawn the kitten for sale to anyone else.  We only accept postal money orders, Western Union, or certified checks as deposits on our kittens due to our no refund policy.  We cannot accept credit cards, personal checks,  or PayPal for a deposit.  Our experience has shown us that some people place deposits with many breeders at the same time, and they buy they first kitten that is ready to go home. They then ask the other breeders for a refund on their deposit. A deposit is placed on a specific kitten, and we do not offer this kitten to anyone else.  If for any reason you cannot take delivery of the kitten, your deposit can be transferred to another kitten, but it will not be refunded. 


Photos of kittens or parents of breeding cats can be sent via e-mail for your approval.  Digital photos are good, but of course we feel the kittens are much more beautiful in person.

Method of Payment:

All kittens leaving our home must be paid for in full prior to leaving. if you are buying at our home we will take cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover,  or American Express only (no checks). Cash, certified bank check, or US Postal money orders are accepted for deposits on kittens that are too young to leave. All purchases made within the state of California are subject to California state sales tax.  International shipments require full payment payment by Western Union, credit card, or PayPal--and this includes the air fare, any freight forwarder fees and and International airport animal inspection fees.  .   For clients making full payment within the US we accept cash, PayPal (requires payment of 4% for processing by PayPal), certified bank checks, Western Union payment, or you may e-mail or FAX us an authorization to use your credit card. Our bank policy requires credit card authorization in writing from the card holder. If you want to buy a kitten or cat with your credit card and have it shipped you must include the following in your e-mail or FAX us a letter with the following:

Required for Credit Card sales by e-mail or FAX:

When we receive an e-mail or FAX containing this information we can usually begin immediately getting the kitten ready for shipment. We can ship in as little as two days depending on the day we get your e-mail or FAX and the airline's availability.