Testimonials on Pet Dryer System:

From Lotta Perrson, Ramnas, Sweden, S*Sidentassen Persian Cattery, 11-23-09:

I like it I like it I LOVE it !!!!!!
But my hands, fingers and shoulders said thanks. I have rheumatic problems in my whole body so this is just great, now I can take twice as many each day :-)
Thank you
Hugs Lotta

From Zena Pigden, New Zealand, Shiningwater Cattery, Maine Coone breeder, received 6-14-08:

....The good side is that it (Pet Dryer System) actually dry very effectively. So for those cats....it is great, saves me time, in convenient and fast.  I do need to take cats out at intervals and comb or brush, otherwise they can dry a bit curly, and the combing/brushing speeds up the drying process anyway.....

    Still, I reckon I will get my money's worth out of it even though the total cost with GST was around $NZ1000 for me (and our incomes are lower than yours so it's much the same as paying $US1000 for you guys--see my note below).  It's definitely handy for getting litters of kittens bathed and for the show cats that don't mind it. Best Wishes, Zena

[total payment for Pet Dryer ($489.95) plus shipping to New Zealand ($192 via USPS) plus her exchange rate, total to me was $681.95]

From Ruth Podd, of Kalamazoo, MI, Paws to Pur Cattery, Persian and Himmy breeder, received on 12-23-07:

I LOVE the dryer!  It was so simple to assemble, it works great & the cats dry so quickly.  As you suggested, I set a timer, check on them & comb/fluff them out after fifteen minutes.  Another fifteen minutes I do the same & they're almost dry by then.  Just a little blow drying & "walla", fluffy cat!  I especially like the way it dries the cats underneath as that's taken the longest time in the past.  You've done a terrific job of putting together a nice dryer that works great!  I also want to thank you so much for getting right back to me with questions I had. 

Have a wonderful holiday & many blessings in the coming year ...

From Lena Lindburg, of Sandviken, Sweden, Ragdoll & Persian breeder, www.categoris.com , received 11-24-07:

Hi Dave,

"I just write to tell you that the Pet dryer has arrived to my address
and I am so pleased. I have try it on my Ragdoll and my Persian and it
works so good. I went to show last weekend with my Ragdolls and the judge was so
amazing with the grooming :-)  Now it will be a pleasure to wash my cats and kitten.
Thank you so much, and I know it is many people in Sweden who will buy
one pet dryer since I talk about it on the Persian list.
Have a nice evening, Lena"

From Shirley Goodman of MoonShadow Ragdolls, Kyogle, NSW, Australia, dated November 7, 2007

"...For the kittens it has certainly saved me time and it works fine. Once the kittens are out of the dyrer they settle down reasonably quickly."

From Roxanne of Silver Palm Cats, Romona, CA, dated October 29, 2007

Hi Dave, just settling down from a wild and crazy evacuation week over here.  I do want to write something for your page, I really like the dryer.  I like it so much it was one of the things I grabbed for the motor home during our evacuation!  (Note: this was during the time of the many fires in southern Ca in the 3rd week of October, 2007, with many having mandatory evacuations).
"Dave, I have used the dryer about 10 times in the past two weeks and I am very happy with the results.  I can dry a big Persian in full coat in about 45 minutes, smaller cats and kittens in as little as 20 minutes.  I find it helpful to take the very full coated cats out and give them a quick brush through about half way through their drying time.  This dryer will (and already has) save me many hours weekly of hand drying my cats.  I was surprised at how much more powerful and quiet the Hurrycaine motor was compared to my Metro Commander 4.0 HP.  I will likely buy a second unit in the future.  Thank you Dave for creating such a helpful time saving product"
Silver Palm Cats  


From: Susan MacArthur, Elizabeth, Colorado, Pelaqita Persians Cattery, www.pelaqitapersians.com , dated 1-2-07


I have used the dryer several times now and it works great. One of the cats didn't like the fact that the air came from "everywhere", but she has gotten used to it.  I like the fact that the dryer cage is big enough to put a few kittens in. I greatly appreciate your keeping contact with me while the dryer was being built. Great product and I am so glad that I saved up for it.  Keep up the good work.        Sue

Another email from Susan on 4-4-07:

We recently purchased our Pet Dryer to use on our Persian cats. This dryer is everything that is advertised - quiet and fast-drying. For the first time, our cats came out of the kennel completely dried through and fluffed out. We love this dryer and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to own a safe and reliable cage dryer. Thanks Dave for a wonderful product.   Susan MacArthur

From:  Joel Maertens, Palace Pharmacy, 1120 McDougall Dr., Lander, WY  82520, (307)332-9597, Cowboyrags Ragdoll Cattery,  www.cowboyraggs.com , dated 10-29-06

To Whom It May Concern: 

I operate a very small cattery of ragdoll cats I purchased from Ragnarok Cattery. I am primarily a pharmacist and my pharmacy consumes much of my time. I purchased a Pet Dryer ?System from Dave Chambers of Ragnarok Cattery. I have found this Pet Dryer System to truly be indispensable and a very clever invention of Dave’s!!! My Ragdoll cats are bathed at least monthly and subsequently dried in this contraption!  It takes a matter of ten minutes in Dave’s Pet Dryer System and your long haired cats like mine are very dry and very happy!!  As you must know cats do not like water as a rule. When they are stressed by bathing them they can get very sick very easily. This means you will be spending more time with your veterinarian and pharmacist (me J) and you will undoubtedly be spending lots of money to cure the morbidity of your little kitty friends. Stay out of the veterinarian office and don’t support your local drug industry!!!  Make the small investment and get your dryer while Dave is kind enough to custom build one for you!!! I am not a salesman! I do not like them either.  I sell plenty of drugs without having to make bogus claims for Dave. I have one question for my fellow cat owners….Do you often find yourself showering in cold water and then going outside to roll in the snow to dry off? How do you think your cat feels?

Best wishes,  Joel Maertens, RPh                          

  Photo of one of Joel's first kittens.


From Marie Mahoney, a Siberian and Birman breeder in Australia, www.nicha.com, dated 5-3-06

I have just received my Pet Dryer and my first experience with bathing a rather large uncooperative cat, was that he was far more manageable without my having to struggle with a cat that doesn't want to sit still and generally takes two people to dry.  To be able to put him into a cage and have most of the hard work done without either of us getting stressed was such a bonus. I took him out a couple of times and combed him up and he looks as good as if I had prepared him as I usually do.  I am so glad, I bought this system and know that to be able to dry him like this will make my life so much simpler...now I'm ready to try it on the rest of the clan. Thank you Dave.  Marie Mahoney

My note: Marie got the Hybird Pet Dryer System, as she had a big cat that was difficult to handle.  It was shipped by the US Postal Service, and the shipment fee was $201, but remember, this is the larger kennel with the standard motor--so the shipping box was larger and heavier than normal.


From Catherine Vanzyl, Persian breeder in Calgary, Ablerta, Canada, www.topiaryexotics.com , dated 4-29-06

It worked fabulous!  Dried my Himi and my Exotic boys and the cats seemed comfortable in the kennel. I LOVE the dryer, thank you so much!  Catherine, Topiary Exotics.


From Brian Bech-Hansen, Persian breeder from Illiniois, dated 4-15-2006

I wanted you to know how much I love my dryer box, after I bought the Regular dryer motor from Hurrycaninine............it is awesome.  Drying Persians has never been easier. I did 4 kittens today, 9 weeks old. It took me exactly 24 minutes per kitten bathing and drying each of them. Thanks again.  Brian Bech-Hansen.

My comment:  He purchased the Dryer Enclosure from me, without motor, as he wanted to use his Metro Commander motor, and was very unhappy with the results. He liked the Dryer Enclosure, but his motor did took 1 1/2 hours to dry an adult Persian. He purchased the Regular motor from Hurrycanine, which has two motors for a total of 192 cfm rating.


From Daisy Wouters, of Belgium, another Ragdoll breeder,  http://users.pandora.be/mypreciousraggies/ dated 3-20-2006:

Yesterday we washed the cats and used the Pet Dryer System. The cats are well dried and were not that scared. But the cats were well groomed, so everything went well..Daisy


From Guido & Massimo Fioretti, Ragdoll cat breeder, DeepBluEyes Cattery in Italy, www.ragdollitalia.it,  on their 220 volt Pet Dryer System:

Dated 2/16/06:  I tried the Pet Dryer System and I can say that it's fantastic!!  You can have your cat washed and dry in a few minutes with incredible results in volume and softness of the fur.  Thank you, Guido and Massimo


From Janet Klarmann of Encore Cattery, a Ragamuffin breeder in Florida, dated 1-12-05

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how much I like the dryer!  Service was great...I had calculaged that it should be here on Wednesday if you sent it as you indicated. On Wednesday, it appeared! That was the day before I had six Ragamuffins going to a show and it surely did make the grooming job a LOT easier!

After the bath, I just towel dried and popped them into the dryer. No one seemed to mind, just sat quietly during the drying. After a few minutes, I took the kitty out and fluffed and combed to straighten the coat, and popped them back for another 10 minutes or so and then repeated the process.  After about 40 minutes the kitties were wonderfully dried, ready for show, and not at all stressed! A win-win situation!

Seems about 40 Minutes for an adult and 15 minutes for a kitten!  I'd used one of the fancy cabinet dryers at a grooming shop in Washington and was impressed how effectively they worked...but, was not impressed with their fancy price. Your dryer accomplishes the same thing... but, at a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend it to anyone...


Janet Klarmann


Early 2005

Second 220 volt Pet Dryer System sold to John and Avril Dickel, a Ragdoll breeder currently in the US. They are moving to Italy, and wanted a pet drying system that would work there.  Their cattery name is Regaldolls, and they have 4 breeding Ragdolls from Ragnarok Cattery.



From  Amy Fong, owner of 3 cats in Canada: dated 3-20-04

"Me: I like it! It used to take me a full hour of nonstop activity to wash my three cats (wash/dry) but now, I wash and and towel dry one of them (10 min.), throw them in the Pet Dryer, take a 10 minute break and then process the next one (each gets 20 minutes in the Dryer). So jukst 30 minutes of labor to wash the cats. So nice!....Cheers, Amy


First 220 volt Pet Dryer System sold to Veronique Mezot, a new Ragdoll breeder in France. Dated 3-31-04


From Carol Cloonan of IrishCottage Cattery in Ohio, a Ragdoll cat breeder, dated 6-29-03:

"Dryer came Friday afternoon. I used it for kitten baths on Saturday and had 3 kittens ready to go to new homes in less than 20 minutes. Best wishes, Carol "


From Mary Heath of Ridgecreekragdolls in Augusta, GA, dated 4-17-03:

"I liked it very much and it made my boy sooo fluffy....Other than making his coat very fluffy, it sure saved on my back in trying to blow dry him myself. That was great because I was less tired when I went to the show."


From Denise Cuzzupe of Lottarags in Billerica, MA, dated 4-17-03:

"I tried the Pet Dryer System a couple of times now. It dries them very quickly and very effectively...The System does warm them nicely. Thanks again."


From Guy Boulanger, owner of 3 cats in Donnacona, Quebec, Canada, dated 4-17-03:

"Yes, I have received the Pet Dryer System., and I have tried it on two of my three cats. It worked as well as it supposed to be. Thanks."


From Trish Keller of Clarkson Rags, a Ragdoll cattery in South Carolina, dated 8-20-02:

"Hi Dave Sorry I just did not have time to get back to you before my flight as I was pushing my time frame. I used the Dryer and must say it is the Cat's Meow, As per our conversation at the show, I love it and it saved me at least two, possibly three hours of drying time...... I would recommend the dryer to anyone....."
Warmest Regards
Trish Keller

From Brenda Hammett, Catbird & Co Cattery in League City, TX, another Ragdoll breeder, dated 7-23-02:

The Pet Dryer System did work wonderful getting my Ragdoll ready for the show.  The warm air coming out from top and bottom of the carrier that was evenly distributed to dry her all over instead of just from a hand blow dryer. Your Pet Dryer System did get her more thoroughly dried all over in a shorter amount of time.  I do believe it was a lot less stressful for her and me.  When I took her out, all I had to do is dry her a little in her arm pits and up underneath her tail.  Go over her coat with a brush and she looked gorgeous.  She was all done in 25 minutes.  I would have set there for over a hour getting her blow dried and brushed with my hand blow dryer.  I will not have any problems recommended this Pet Dryer System to others.  THANKS


From Barbara Lafferty, a Persian cat breeder in San Antonio, TX, dated 5-2-02:

"Hi Dave, Today I used the dryer enclosure with my Metro motor on one of my full grown studs with a tremendous coat. I like to have died!  It took 5 fifteen minute sessions and he was still about 30 % wet underneath.  Later on, the Hurrycanine motor came in on Fed-EX and I was in the process of drying another stud which had been in the dryer for about 3 sessions of 15 minutes and was still about 40% wet. Immediately switched motors and noticed a a 50% more air power coming out of the pipe to where now the hair on his back was standing and moving......

Conclusion: The Hurricane motor is approximately 50% more powerful than the 4.0 Metro. It should only take approx. 30 to 45 minutes to dry one of my full grown Persians."